Service Overview

Internet connection using a high-capacity, high-speed IP backbone

In the Internet Connection Service (server connection), we connect a customer's housing rack in the Data Center to the Internet. Your server(s) will be connected directly to the IDC Frontier's high-speed, high-capacity backbone network, so you can use a reliable connection environment.

Each carrier line can be installed for maintenance. Please contact us for details.

Internet Connection Services SLA

The "Internet connection service (server connection)" applies SLA (Service Level Agreement), which can be proof of high quality.

Quality Assurance


SLAs for server connections cover the following range.

Image of the SLA coverage

Severity settings

We set Severity for the provision status of this service as defined below. We will reduce the service charge based on quality assurance only for trouble tickets issued as Severity 1.
The severity criteria are defined as follows.

Severity Definition
Severity 1 When the service is completely unavailable
Severity 2 When service is partially unavailable
Severity 3 Other than those above

Reduction criteria

If availability and delay time do not meet their respective targets for a specified period of time, a part of the service charge will be reduced and refunded.


The uptime for this service is defined as the hours that the equipment which houses the customer network is available for connection to IDCF's Data Center backbone network. The SLA guarantees a defined percentage of the uptime, or the uptime rate, per month.

Guaranteed uptime rate Upper limit of reduction
Less than 99.98% If the target is not met, 10% of the total of the applicable fee of this service (excluding tax) becomes deductible.

Delay time

The round trip delay time between our Data Centers, which is defined by IDC Frontier, is guaranteed as below on the basis of monthly average. We guarantee that the delay time would not exceed the set rate in 2 consecutive months.

Guaranteed uptime rate Upper limit of reduction
25 ms of delay or under If the target is not met, 10% of the total of the applicable fee of this service (excluding tax) becomes deductible.

Restrictions on reduction

The total reduction amount over the one year term of the agreement (*1) cannot exceed the monthly cost of 30 days.
Customers can receive reduction once within 24 hours after submitting a trouble ticket(*2). Even if more than one failure occurs within this period, you cannot receive reduction more than once.

*1 Total amount of reduction due to "availability" "delay time" and "power outage"
*2 When the system designated by our company has received failure information.

How to make a claim for reduction

In the event of any failure applicable to the above reduction criteria, the customer is required to fill out a reduction application form, including the relevant trouble ticket number, and apply for reduction within 14 days of the occurrence of the failure. The reduction process is usually implemented at the time of billing for the next month, but it may be implemented in the following month or later depending on the occurrence timing of the failure and the status of the contract.


If a fact that falls under the quality assurance standard arises due to any of the following reasons, it is excluded from the quality assurance.

  • Incidents related to the introduction of the service
  • When delays in the Internet network are recognized only by the customer's measurement
  • Maintenance (including emergency maintenance)
  • Failure of the network system managed by the customer
  • Failure outside the Internet network
  • Cases where the customer's line communication is ensured by redundancy, etc., even if there is a fact that falls under the high quality assurance standard for availability
  • Cases due to external attacks, interference, etc.
  • Other cases due to force majeure