HIGH POWER HOUSING SERVICE Tokyo Fuchu Data Center High Power Housing Service

Tokyo Fuchu Data Center is one of the largest data centers in Tokyo, and has ability to provide a maximum of 20 kVA per rack. High Power Housing Service is available based on such a powerful data center, letting you aggregate GPU/HPC servers and manage high-heat-generating, highly integrated systems.

Tokyo Fuchu Data Center
Tokyo Fuchu Data Center
Rack image
Rack image

Recommended if you are:

  • Feeling restrained to have one server per rack when you want to use more GPU/HPC servers for AI or ML
  • Unable to find a rack capable of housing GPU or HPC servers
  • Considering integrating multiple servers by aggregating existing servers or configuring a new system
  • Considering connecting GPU servers or other high performance servers to a cloud service or another data center
  • Unsatisfied that you have few choices of data centers in Tokyo which offer high voltage and allow an operation of highly integrated systems

Best suited for:

  • AI/IoT
  • Deep Learning
  • HPC / GPU
  • Research institutes
  • Pharmaceutical companies (for genomic analysis, etc.)
  • Cloud providers (GPU hosting)
DGX-Ready Data Center program partner

IDC Frontier is a DGX-Ready Data Center program partner.
We are equipped with ample electric power and cooling capacity to deal with demanding workloads of NVIDIA DGX systems', allowing them to operate to their extensive ability.


Ability to manage high-heat-generating, highly integrated systems

Using high performance devices such as HPC or GPU servers often imposes challenges on you operationally and financially.
HPC uses large amount of electricity, for which you would typically be forced to operate less servers on a rack than usual. Furthermore, GPU servers are often restricted by the load capacity of a rack, resulting in just one such server being mounted on it.

"Tokyo Fuchu Data Center's High Power Housing Service offers power capacity of up to 15 kVA average with a maximum of 20 kVA, as well as load capacity of up to 1,050 kg per rack.
With the service, you can use high performance devices such as HPC or GPU safely and securely."

Rear-door cooling system introduced

Rear-door cooling system introduced

Hot exhaust air from high performance devices is cooled down immediately by a rear-door cooler, which is installed on a rack and handles the waste heat in a much more efficient way than the conventional cooling method of cold/hot aisle capping.

The cooling system is redundantly configured for heightened fault tolerance, which makes sure that the operational environment of highly integrated high performance devices is reliable.

[The first in Japan] Cold-aisles with rear-door coolers

The hot aisle is formed between the rear sides of two rows of racks, letting exhaust air from the racks mixed in to the aisle.
This configuration allows possible hot air exhaust left untreated by a defective rear-door cooler getting cooled in the aisle, making sure the air flow and its temperature getting into machines is unaffected and stable."

This also allows replacement of a defective cooler while the cooling system of the hot aisle containment is effective, preventing thermal runaway from occuring on high performance devices.

[The first in Japan] Cold-aisles with rear-door coolers

Go hybrid

Tokyo Fuchu Data Center that provides new value

From a High Power Housing rack, you can connect to other IDCF Data Centers, public and private(JP) clouds, as well as GPU(JP) servers.

By combining the service with other ones or connecting to other data centers, you can build an infrastructure suitable for your purpose, such as for cost or workload reduction as well as business continuity or disaster recovery.

On-site Operation Service

On-site Operation Service

IDCF's Data Center operators perform basic recovery works in the event of a failure as well as regular operational works on-site on your behalf.

Some of these works are predefined in the Basic Server Configuration or Monitoring and Operations service, others are recurring work arranged based on your requests. On-site Operation Service is a packaged service to meet your various needs and help you conduct your operations without visiting a data center.

Service Menu

Security Biometric/ID card authentication
Standard rack specifications IDCF's standard rack
(EIA-compliant universal pitch: 19 inches/47U)
Power supply type Standard: AC200 V 30 A 4-system
Additional power supply: Either 100 V 30 A or 200 V 30 A can be selected.
Available power Average 15 kVA/rack, maximum 20 kVA/rack
Air conditioning specifications Local air conditioner installed on a rack (redundantly configured)