Please let us operate DNS on behalf of you.
IDC Frontier offers a "DNS server operation service" required when operating a web server or a mail server in its own domain.

Service Types

There are two types of service available.

Service Types Service description Contract units
Primary DNS

Both primary DNS and secondary DNS are provided. (*1) It is not necessary for customers to construct and operate DNS servers.

We use our DNS server to set and manage zone information related to your domain.

Zones (*2)
Secondary DNS

Only the secondary DNS function is provided. The customer needs to prepare a primary DNS server.

We use our DNS server to receive the transfer of zone information from the customer's primary DNS server, and provide the secondary DNS function.

*1 Provision of only primary DNS is not available.
*2 Forward and reverse DNS zones are regarded as one zone respectively. For the secondary DNS, up to 10 zones are provided free of charge.

Service Overview Diagram

Service Overview Diagram

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