The Domain Acquisition service will reach end of sale on April 30th, 2022, after which no new purchase order for the service will be accepted.
An equivalent service, Zenlogic Domain Name(JP), is available instead. If you wish to aquire a new domain name, consider using the domain name acquisition and management service, which would be available for you just with an easy online application. If you wish to transfer the management of your own domain name to IDC Frontier, please contact us here.

Let IDC Frontier go through the complicated processes of obtaining, maintaining and managing IP addresses and domain names.

IP Address/Domain Acquisition Services has IDC Frontier become your agent to obtain, maintain, and manage IP addresses and various types of domain names.

Easy process of getting a domain name of your product/company name.

Your unique domain name is just like your "face" on the Internet. A domain name with your company/product name is good for SEO as well. The problem is: it takes time to get your own domain, update and maintain it.

IDC Frontier does all the work necessary for getting and maintaining your domain names, reducing your burdens.

Various types of domain names are available.

We obtain, maintain, and manage IP addresses and domain names under this services. Details are listed below.

  • Obtaining, maintaining, and managing IP addresses as your agent.
  • Obtaining, maintaining, and managing your unique domains as your agent.
Available domains
Organizational JP domain .co.jp
General-use JP domain .jp
gTLD .com
ccTLD * Make an inquiry to know more about available domain types.

* IP Address/Domain Acquisition services is provided as an option services to our customers who have subscribed to the applicable services listed below.
Please note the services cannot be used by itself.

Applicable services

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