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Security, Reliability, the Basis for Your Challenge 8 domestic data centers in Japan

IDC Frontier runs 8 data centers in Japan. They are located in 3 different areas - East and West Japan, with Tokyo Metropolitan as their center. Our customers' IT infrastructures are distributed in a balanced way to each area, enabling us to develop and provide stable services.

Those Data Centers are connected by high-capacity and high-speed network, keeping latency from any of them to an urban area as short as within 10 secs.

Mega Data Centers in East & West Japan

Kitakyushu Data Center

Shirakawa Data Center

- Fast response of an urban data center and extensibility of a rural combined

- Low disaster risk areas appropriate for BCP/DR. Distributed power source: multiple power supply companies

- Total offsite management feasible with IDCF's reliable operation menu

The Best Answer for Disaster Recovery

Having been built at the locations where the probability for having a large earthquake is comparatively very low in Japan, our mega Data Centers are equipped with distribution of power source as well as that of physical data, achieved by establishing

【Probability of earthquake registering 6-weak on the Japanese seismic scale occurring in the next 30 years. 】
Source: J-SHIS Map 2016 version by National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention

GSLB(Global Server Load Balancing) enables you to distribute load among multiple Data Centers or switch your system to a backup site automatically if the primary site was impacted by a large scale disaster or failure. In addition to the Shirakawa - Osaka network route along the Pacific Ocean, IDCF has another route along the Japan Sea, which bypasses the Tokyo Metropolitan area. This would enable us to continue providing communications in case of a disaster hitting Tokyo.

Air-condition management system with
leading-edge technology
The form of nature-oriented IDC

Shirakawa Data Center and Kitakyushu Data Center are designed to be greatly energy efficient based on IDCF's years of data center management experiences and as a result of its pursuit of air conditioning optimization. More than 90% of air-conditioning effort is done by using outside air.