OUTSOURCED ON-SITE OPERATION SERVICES Outsourced On-site Operation Services

This is a package to help customers avoid entering the Data Center.

No need to enter the Data Center! Freedom from care by the point system/provision of a camera server as standard

On behalf of customers, our Data Center staff will perform basic recovery support work in the event of a failure and regular operation work at the site.
This is a reasonable plan that allows you to use basic plan for Monitoring and Operations Services and Basic Server Configuration Services for all menus.

  • Four menus in which necessary operation work items are pre-packaged
  • Peace of mind through work by professional staff skilled in on-site work
  • Real-time work confirmation with the camera server
  • Easy to understand and reasonable thanks to a point system


Package A (6 points/month)

We provide thorough support for not only regular work with relatively low loads such as backup sites but also dry runs for switching, etc. This is a recommended package with excellent cost performance.

Package B (10 points/month)

For general maintenance operations such as a core business system. In addition to the service items of package A, a vendor coordination service, periodic operation reporting, etc. are fully available.

Package C (40 points/month)

For high-availability and large-scale sites such as real-time video streaming and E-commerce sites. It provides rich contents with the emphasis on the management of important logs and the availability of services.

Package D (individual quotation)

For environments in which configurations are changed frequently such as social, game, and campaign sites. "Monitoring and operation", "incident response", and "on-site work on a regular basis or upon request" are packaged.

Specification Details

Applicable Data Centers

Service item Consumption points Package
Camera server (provided as standard) 0
Basic plan for monitoring and operation 1
Incident response Server restarting 1
Server process restarting 1
Cable connection change 1
Replacement of spare parts 1
Sending and receiving of equipment 1
Vendor coordination service 4 -
Enclosure replacement 4 - -
Changes of server network settings 2 - -
Changes of server BIOS settings 2 - - -
Changes of server startup procedures 2 - - -
System restoration 6 - - -
On-site work on a regular basis/upon request Basic server configuration service
Basic server configuration service
(OS installation)
(Request) Individual procedure work 1~
DR practice 4~
Facility management 1~
(Regular) Operation report 1~ -
System management 1~ - - -
(Regular) LED visual check * * * * *
(Regular) Tape replacement * * * * *
(Regular) Procedure work * * * * *
Updating work * * * * *
Professional * - - - *

* This is a chargeable option.

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