MONITORING AND OPERATIONS SERVICES Monitoring and Operations Services

We do not provide simple device monitoring services: Our monitoring and operational services keeps its center at our customers' ability to continue providing their services.
From the basic menu to customized premium menu, we offer a good selection of services.



Simple on-site tasks defined by IDCF performed on your behalf

Consider outsourcing your operational work with this greatly cost effecient plan.

In the event of a failure or system abnormality, we provide an initial investigation to check the current situation in a Data Center, physically present at the customer's rack, to help them isolate the cause, or further support them to recover from the failure.
An option is available to have you check the situation on-site through a camera server.


(1)Monitoring + incident response (workaround)*1 + Site sanity check*1
(2)On-site support services for fault isolation*2

Recommended if you are trying to save labor of going to the Data Center.

When an alert is detected, we report you the incident and ask for your instructions by phone, and help you recover from the failure by carrying out the work specified in a procedure including entering commands.

*1 In addition to our standard procedures, you can create procedures unique to your needs.
*2 Procedures such as input of specified commands and operating on GUI based on customer's instructions are available.


(1)Maintenance of the OS layer, as well as fault identification between the OS and software
(2)Maintenance of the hardware layer, as well as hardware recovery in the event of a hardware failure

Recommended for customers who want to outsource incident response, including investigation of individual incident status and incident recovery support.

IDCF engineers remotely log in to your devices to investigate the situation, examine countermeasures, and support establishing recovery plans. Once the normality is restored, the established procedures are documented to be used to respond promptly to an identical incident.
Using the manufacturer's hardware maintenance and hardware failure detection function, we can also work with the manufacturer to provide hardware recovery work within the Data Center in the event of a hardware failure.


Network- and system-specific monitoring, sign detection, sharing and analysis of network status information, reporting, and configuration management

These services are offered to each customer on a consulting basis.

This is the highest rank plan for customers who want to improve the stability of their networks and systems by identifying the causes of faults and assisting in their resolution, in addition to fault handling.

Four plans and services for monitoring and operations

    Basic Entry Managed Premium
Incident response (basic)
Incident response (basic)
Checking of the login/error screen by operation in front of the rack Options
Restarting with the standard procedure
Checking the BIOS screen according to instruction
Vendor escort
Power ON/OFF, LEDs visual check
Disconnecting/connecting cables
Service monitoring and notifications -
Resource monitoring and display -
Ping monitoring and notifications -
Incident response/Work support
Incident response/Work support
Incident recovery based on the standard procedures -
Recovery support by SE - -
Incident cause analysis and support for fundamental solutions - - -
Designing known alerts response/initial response of known incidents -
Sharing of general system information -
Sharing of system information necessary for incident response - -
Assistance in resolving unknown incidents and dstablishing workarounds - - -
Regular meetings/issue progress management - - -
Alert occurrences and tendencies - -
Performance and analysis - - -
Extended monitoring
Extended monitoring
- - - -
Backup and restoration
- - - -
Network camera

Recommended The following services are also recommended.

Data Deletion Services

Safely and reliably delete data remaining in hard disks when servers are destroyed or replaced.

Outsourced On-site Operations Services

This package service allows our company staff to perform work that can only be performed on-site, such as racking, cabling and emergency response, to help customers achieve zero entry. You can check the work contents in real time with the camera server, and the price setting is reasonable based on the point system.

* You can use the "Basic Server Configuration Services" and "basic plan for Monitoring and Operations Services" in this service.