Fukuoka Kitakyushu Data Center (Asian Frontier)
Environmentally-friendly next generation Data Center on the vast ground

Fukuoka Kitakyushu Data Center, also known as Asian Frontier, is one of the largest data centers in Western Japan, built on the vast ground in the city of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka. This environmentally-friendly next-generation data center optimizes air conditioning efficiency, which allows us to save energy tremendously while operating highly integrated servers in their best condition. By pursuing optimal air conditioning efficiency, we can achieve a high energy-savings effect while enabling optimal operation of highly integrated servers.

When you consider using the Center for large-scale projects or as a disaster recovery base or expanding business in Asia, please consult with us.

Data Center that Provides New Value

Network configuration within 10 milliseconds from the metropolitan area

Network configuration within 10 milliseconds from the metropolitan area

All of IDC Frontier's Data Centers form a base that covers latency up to Tokyo or Osaka without regard to delays.

Fukuoka Kitakyushu Data Center is connected with Osaka via the high-speed, high-capacity network to provide a response environment within 10 milliseconds.

Closed network between services, connecting providers

Closed network between services, connecting providers

Depending on what for and how your system is used, you can have closed network to major cloud providers or non-IDCF data centers, connection to major domestic internet exchange points (IXs), and/or mutual connections with on-premises. Complicated tasks such as operation of systems requiring heavy traffic streaming or configuration of hybrid systems with on-premises or multicloud are easliy done.

Ideal for disaster recovery demand

Comparison of earthquake probability in the Fukuoka Kitakyushu DC area and Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka

In addition to physical data distribution, such as backup sites and Data Center redundancy, this location*, which is considered to have a very low probability of a major earthquake occurring in Japan, also helps to reduce the risk in the event of a major disaster by enabling power suppliers to be diversified.

Source: J-SHIS Map (2016 Edition), website of National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience

* Compared to the 3 major metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, the probability of an earthquake measuring lower 6 or more on the Japanese seismic intensity scale in the next 30 years is very low. Moreover, according to the Fukuoka Kitakyushu City Disaster Prevention Information Map (published by Planning Division of Fukuoka Kitakyushu City Construction Bureau), the risk of natural disasters such as river flooding and landslides is low in this area.

Image of a high-capacity network by Managed GSLB Services

Managed GSLB* services can be used to automatically balance loads among multiple Data Centers or switch to a backup site in the event of a major disaster or failure affecting the customer's primary site.

* Global Server Load Balancing

Data Center without the necessity of entering

When you use the Data Center, we will take care of burdensome relocation and operations, and work that needs to be done in the Data Center.
We will reduce the burden on our customers.


Environmentally-friendly Data Center

Image of the air conditioning system (Shirakawa Data Center)
Image of the air conditioning system

New environmentally-friendly DC (Building 5)

Building 5 uses the same state-of-the-art outdoor air conditioning system as that in Shirakawa Data Center. Approximately 80% of the annual load is actually covered by natural cooling from outside air, realizing highly efficient and low-cost operation with air-conditioning power consumption reduced significantly.

Image of the air conditioning system
Image of the air conditioning system

Energy saving and high integration by GreenMall® (Building 1 - 4)

Building 1 to 4 has adopted "GreenMall®" to improve heat circulation efficiency and optimize air conditioning efficiency, so that we can reduce air conditioning power consumption and CO2 emissions and respond to higher integration.


High capacity power

Power supply by main line and spare line system. As emergency power supply, the building is equipped with a gas turbine generator that can be operated continuously for 72 hours using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and stored fuel.
If you're looking for a Data Center with a high power capacity per rack, you will be satisfied.

Access management by biometric authentication

Fully equipped with a security system using biometrics (biometrics authentication) such as a vein authentication device and security portal to prevent piggyback (tailgating) by measuring body weight and external shape.

Office space

Office space for customers is available in the Data Center. It can also be used as a permanent space, a disaster DR office, or a warehouse for spare equipment. Power for UPS can also be wired.

Image of entrance

Amenities and Surroundings

Image of lounge


We have a rest area with a vending machine.

Wi-Fi environment

Meeting room

Meeting room with Wi-Fi environment. You can use it for meetings.

Image of convenience store

Convenience store

10-minute walk

Image of eating place

Eating place

There are many around the nearest station.

Image of parking lot

Parking lot

Located on the premises (free of charge)

Image of hotel


5-minute walk to the business hotel

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