IX connections available: Otemachi-like connectivity

Tokyo Nihombashi Data Center connection diagram

Tokyo Nihombashi Data Center provides connections to major IX providers and connectivity as great as experienced in the Otemachi area, enabling you to have high-speed and low latency communications with ISP/CATV, mobiles, CDN, or other providers' data center or cloud services.

It could act as a good connection site for integration with other provider's data center or a mega-cloud, allowing you to use it with our Tokyo Ariake Data Center or Tokyo Fuchu Data Center to build a mid- to large-scale system easily.

Located at just a 10-minute walk from the center of a business district and close to Otemachi and Marunouchi, Tokyo Nihombashi Data Center is very accessbile from anywhere in Tokyo.
Our unique Outsourced On-site Operation Services, which enables you to run your systems without physically accessing them, is available at the data center. Initial installation, incident responses, as well as regular maintenance works are arranged and conducted by our operators onsite based on your needs.


Tokyo Nihombashi Data Center

Earthquake resistent structure

・The building having been seismically inspected and confirmed to compy with the New Anti-seismic Design Code


・Contactless smart cards for authentication
・Our onsite Data Center Operators deployed 24/7
・surveillance cameras in and around the site to detect intruders, and the logs are accumulated

Fire protection systems

・Equipped with fire suppression facilities, an automatic fire alarm system, and ultra-sensitive smoke detectors
・A gas extinguishing system is used for fire extinguishing

Air conditioning and cooling facilities

・Provided with N+1 redundancy

Power supply facilities

・Provided with Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), which allows us to avoid power outage during a statutory inspection as well
・Full backup power supply during a power outage using batteries and emergency generators
・The power supply system redundantly configured based on the main and backup power receiving systems

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