Main Data Center in the Kansai district

Osaka Suita Data Center

Main Data Center in the Kansai district. It is located in a convenient and attractive location, about 5 km from the business area in central Osaka. It has been built in an area with strong ground which is superior in disaster prevention.

It supports connections to the IX in Dojima, which is an Internet connection point, through dedicated lines from Osaka Suita Data Center.

Through Dojima POP, where major ISPs and IXes are concentrated at, Osaka Suita Data Center enables you to have high-speed and low latency communications with ISP/CATV, mobiles, CDN, or other providers' data center or cloud services.
This allows us to propose a plan to Customers using a major data center in the western Japan, to build a mid- to large-scale system by intergrating with IDCF Cloud services (public/private), other provider's data center or a mega-cloud.

Network connection image


Architectural structure

A building with an earthquake-resistant structure that can withstand a seismic intensity of 6 or more in accordance with the new anti-seismic design code. The building is located in a hilly area (15 m above sea level) and is not included in the inundation damage assumption area on the flood hazard map. The location is superior in disaster prevention.

Power supply

The power supply to the building is received from multiple systems. Supplied to each rack through UPS. As emergency power supply, the building is equipped with a gas turbine generator that can be operated continuously for 18 hours using an emergency switching battery and stored fuel.

Image of power supply facilities
Power supply facilities
Image of a gas turbine generator
Gas turbine generator


EIA-compliant standard 19-inch racks are available in 1/4 rack units. We can also respond to requests for carried-in racks, cages, etc. upon consultation.

Image of the server room
Server room
Image of the Network Operation Center
Network Operation Center

Amenities and Surroundings

Image of the rest area
Rest area
Image of the entrance
Image of the entrance meeting space
Entrance meeting space
Image of the rest area

Rest area

Wi-Fi, Meeting table

Image of vending machine

Vending machine


Image of convenience store

Convenience store

5-minute walk

Image of eating place

Eating place

There are several within a few minutes' walk.

Image of parking lot

Parking lot

Located in the building (free of charge)

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