IDC Frontier takes advantage of its own high-speed and high-capacity backbone network, offering you a wide range of network services including enhanced network security, CDN which enables fast and massive distribution, and closed network which connects physically-distant sites on an internal network.

Adding those services to our cloud and data center services would solve most of your problems.

Network Service

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Proactively prepared for DDoS attacks by applying the protection on every service of ours. These attackes are filtered out before getting into our customers' network.

Interusion Detection System/Instrusion Prevention System

Interusion Detection System/Instrusion Prevention System

Any attacks or unauthorized accesses which cannot be prevented by firewalls or virus checks are detected automatically and blocked.

Managed GSLB

Managed GSLB

Managed GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) keeps services running, enabling you to impliment BCP or DR without much effort and cost.

Network Connectivity

Private Connect

Connections between IDCF Cloud users are free including inter-regions or inter-zones connections.

Private Connect offers simple and fast mutual connections between customer's premises and IDC Frontier's cloud services and/or multiple data centers, using secure and reliable closed network. No extra charges if the connection is between IDCF Cloud users.

Private Connetct

Virtual Bridge

Secure L2 network with multipoint connection

Virtual Bridge is a network service connecting each service in a closed way on IDC Frontier's IP fabric network, of which total capacity is more than 160 Gbps. For the seamless mutual connection between services, you can choose 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps for the guaranteed bandwidth.
* Provided only with Managed Firewall or Managed Load Balancing.