CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Supply Chain Management

IDC Frontier will continue to develop together with our suppliers.

IDC Frontier has always chosen suppliers that share our vision toward social contribution, working together to create innovative services offering new lifestyle propositions.

“We foster relationships of trust based on mutual understanding, and improve by learning from each other for the benefit of our customers.”
“We maintain fair relationships with suppliers and provide an environment where customers can choose quality products and services with confidence.”
“We share a passion for contribution to society through our products and services, and pursue innovation together with our suppliers.”

IDC Frontier evolves together with its suppliers.

Basic policy

Supplier ethics and rules of conduct

In order to deal with CSR-related issues together with suppliers, provide reliable and safe products and services to customers, and conduct business activities which are trusted by society, we have established the “Supplier Ethics and Rules of Conduct” and request that all suppliers comply with these rules.

The “Supplier Ethics and Rules of Conduct” includes 14 items which consist of “Concern for the environment,” “Information security,” “Fair competition,” “Ensure quality and safety,” “Consideration for Human Rights,” “Occupational safety and health,” “Prohibition of child labor,” “Prohibition of forced labor,” “Prohibition of discrimination and inhumane treatment,” “Working hours,” “Fair payment,” “Freedom of association,” “Responsible mineral procurement,” and “Coexistence with local communities.”

Supplier ethics and rules of conduct

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