CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Sound Corporate Management

In order to be recognized and trusted by society, IDC Frontier is working to strengthen corporate governance, ensure compliance, and ensure information security so that the organization can operate soundly, effectively, and efficiently.

Corporate governance

The SoftBank Group has established the SoftBank Group Charter and SoftBank Code of Conduct to strengthen the governance and compliance systems of the entire Group. As a member of the Group, IDC Frontier follows these guidelines and conducts management to achieve its corporate objectives in view of maximization of the corporate value of the entire Group.

Important matters concerning company operations are reviewed and discussed at the management conference and determined by the Board of Directors. Corporate auditors are responsible for auditing and supervising the execution of management by the Board of Directors and directors. Internal audits are also conducted for the main purposes of ensuring the reliability of financial statements, compliance with laws and company regulations, and the preservation of company assets. Through these internal audits, the effectiveness of internal control is evaluated and reported to management.

Regarding the matters to be approved, we have introduced an electronic approval system to clarify decision-making and approving authority, thereby creating a system to prevent illegal acts, fraud, mistakes, and errors.

SoftBank Code of Conduct

Human Rights Initiatives

We respect human rights in every aspect of our corporate activities, and are working to promote diversity.

Human Rights Initiatives


IDC Frontier has established compliance regulations with the aim of contributing to the sound development of the company and risk reduction, as well as contributing to society. They form a code of conduct for all executives and employees to fulfill their legal, social, and ethical responsibilities.

Consultation system

A Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) responsible for compliance is appointed to oversee compliance in each department. If an employee discovers a compliance problem, he or she can directly report it to and consult with the CCO as well as his or her superiors or related departments within the company.
It is also possible to directly report to and consult with the Group Hotline, which has an outside attorney as the contact point.

Implementation of compliance education

The SoftBank Group implements a variety of educational programs, including the establishment of a Compliance Enhancement Month. We also hold internal seminars within IDC Frontier to ensure that the spirit of compliance is embodied by every employee.

Information security

As a provider of cloud data analytics platforms and Data Centers, IDC Frontier believes that safe management of customer information is absolutely essential. We implement a variety of initiatives to ensure information security by combining all elements that support our services including people, systems, and facilities in a well-balanced manner.

Establishment of the Information Security Committee

In order to take the lead in information security activities, IDC Frontier appoints a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and establishes an Information Security Committee headed by the CISO. This committee communicates with management and works to raise awareness about information security. Based on the Information Security Policy, we protect our proprietary information from loss, theft, leakage, unauthorized use, viruses, attacks, and other risks, assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information, and comply with laws, regulations, and rules.

Thorough protection of personal information

IDC Frontier is responsible for being in compliance with the communications confidentiality provisions in the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the provisions on personal information protection in the Guidelines Regarding the Protection of Personal Information in the Telecommunications Business, and other applicable laws and guidelines. In order to fulfill these obligations, we have stipulated matters related to the handling of personal information in our privacy policy and disclosed them on this website. We have a contact point for handling personal information and conduct regular audits to ensure strict compliance with the privacy policy.

Privacy Policy (JP)

Security training

To help all employees understand the importance of information security, we conduct security training using information security handbooks and e-learning. All the employees are required to receive basic level training.

Acquisition of certification

We have acquired ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (JIS Q 27001:2014) information security certification.

Learn more about certification

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management is based on maintaining fair and good trading relationships with our suppliers.

Supply Chain Management

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