PRIVATE CONNECT PrivateConnect(L3)

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Shift to the next generation infrastructure networks that achive seamless connection of Digital Infrastructures.

PrivateConnect connects your on-premise environment and IDC Frontier's Data Centers or clouds easily and quickly using the secure and reliable closed network.


Secure connection using a closed VPN

A closed network gives you a secure environment with no direct access from the Internet, while connecting multiple sets of infrastructures.

You can have your systems highly configurable

The communication layer supports L2 connections, as well as L3 which provides reliable IP routing.
No matter what physical locations or infrastructures each system is, they can be integrated seamlessly as if they are on "one network".

Multi-carrrier, multi-cloud supported

You can have mutual connections with external carriers such as SoftBank, so that you do not need to have a carrier line installed in the Data Center, which was and would otherwise be your burden.
Quick and simple insntallation of the services.

Fast, secure, & low cost

Securer than Internet VPN, lower cost and shorter lead time than dedicated lines.

No extra fees necessary for connections within IDCF Cloud

No extra fees necessary for inter-region and inter-zone connections.

What is the difference between Virtual Bridge and Private Connect?

IDC Frontier offers 2 different types of closed network services. Select whichever fits your needs.
PrivateConnect is our recommendation if you are considreing connecting to carrier lines, other Data Centers, or your on-premise systems in your office.

Virtual Bridge(L2) PrivateConnect(L3)
Connection Layer L2 L3
Network Bandwidth Up to 10 Gbps (dedicated)
*In the case of a physical interface
1 Gbps (shared)
Destination ・IDC Frontier's services
・Carrier lines (only at certain Data Centers)
*partly not supported
・IDC Frontier's services
・Carrier lines
・Other providers' Data Centers

Price List

3 types of plans are available for each L3 or L2 connection. Select the best one for you according to your Digital Infrastructure environment and purposes. You can also combine some of them to achieve flexible system integration or configuration.

L3 connection

Type Sites/Services Bandwidth Monthly Fee
Type 1
Connection with external carrier(*1)
Carrier Line/Other VPN provider 1 Gbps
Best efforts
Cloud Bus(*2) From ¥50,000
Type 2
Connection between Cloud and Data Center(*3)
Colocation(Housing) Single ¥20,000
Redundant ¥40,000
Type 3
Inter-cloud connection
IDCF Cloud ¥0(*4)
Private Cloud
BareMetal Server

Connection of sites in defferent regions may cost you the inter-region connection fee.
It also changes the capacity rate of the shared line.

L2 Connection

Services description Initial Cost/One-time Cost Monthly Fee
Type 1
External carrier line(*1)
Carrier line/Other provider's VPN ¥0 ¥12,000
Type 2
Cloud-Data Center Connection(*3)
Type 3
Cross-Region Connection
Basic Services ¥15,000
Access Port ¥5,000
Cross-Region ¥180,000

* The listed prices do not include tax.
*1 If you use access line connections, you will be separately charged for its arrangement and installation of a carrier line (except for the case you use Cloud Bus).
*2 Cloud Bus is for mutual connection with the SoftBank's closed network services. You can choose from 2 types: Bandwidth Guaranteed or Best Effort.
[Band width Guaranteed Type] Choose from 10 Mbps/30 Mbps/100 Mbps/300 Mbps/500 Mbps/1 Gbps. The connection between IDC Frontier and SoftBank are configured completely redundantly. SoftBank's services you can connect to is ULTINA Wide Ethernet, ULTINA IP-VPN, or White Cloud SmartVPN.
[Best Effort Type] The bandwidth is 1 Gbps. You can connected to SoftBank's ULTINA Wide Ethernet.
*3 Depending on which Data Center your housing rack to be connected is located, you may be charged additionally.
*4 If you use PrivateConnect with IDCF Cloud, you will need to subscribe to Additional Network, which will cost you ¥20/hour with the ¥10,000/month cap (*tax excluded), per connection point.

Cases inter-region connections require additional charges:

Cases inter-region connections require additional charges

If both of the connected regions have any of the services indicated under ★, you will be charged with the inter-region connection fee of ¥180,000.

WEST Region EAST Region
Fukuoka Kitakyushu/Osaka Suita Data Centers
Fukushima Shirakawa/Tokyo Ariake/Tokyo Nihombashi Data Centers
Private Cloud
BareMetal Servers

Use Cases

OnPremise x Cloud

OnPremise x Cloud use case

OnPremise x Cloud

Data integration with or cloud migration of the mission-critical system

Connect the information system and a public cloud with closed network without going through the Internet, and operate it as hybrid. Optimization of resource usage, phased migration to cloud.

Cloud x Data Center

A use case for the connection of the cloud and a Data Center

Cloud x Data Center

Hybrid usage of Data Center and Cloud services

Data requiring strict control is kept in the physical environment of a Data Center, accessed rapidly from Cloud through the closed network. Reduce device costs by migrating firewals and servers to the cloud.

Cloud Migration

MultiCloud Use Case

Cloud Migration

"Pick the best" of every cloud

Web services or game apps which runs among more than one public clouds, such as IDCF Cloud and Private Cloud, sharing the same customer database.

Redundancy/Global Load Balancing

Use case for Redundancy/Global Load Balancing

Redundancy/Global Load Balancing

By connecting different regions, you can configure a system of global load balancing cloud. You can avoid getting impacted by physical system faults. Using with GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) enables you to have measures for BCP or DR, including load balancing and automatic switchover to the backup site.

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