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Advantages Of IDC Frontier

Yahoo! JAPAN/SoftBank Group


IDC Frontier Inc. is one of the strategic members of Yahoo Japan Corp. Group (a core company of SoftBank Corp.), with a mission to become No.1 IT infrastructure service provider in Japan. IDC Frontier’s service coverage includes cloud, data center, big data platform and IP network services, with consultation and operation. IDC Frontier provides IT infrastructure services for all types of companies leveraging power of IT and Internet for their business success in Japan. IDC Frontier is unique for its scalability and quality based on the experience in supporting Yahoo JAPAN! / SoftBank group businesses.

Scalability & Tuned Solution

IDC Frontier’s self-operated cloud, datacenter and network covering from start-up to high end uses. Scalability with flexibility of IDC Frontier’s services, with hybrid uses such as combination of cloud & data center, accelerate your business.

High Performance Network


managed network

Let IDC Frontier handle burst access to your site, heavy contents distribution for huge numbers of your users, etc.. Network & operation of IDC Frontier will manage them all!

Network as a service

managed network

No more network constraints, configuration limitation and operational fuss. IDC Frontier provides network functions “as a service when you need” so you no longer have to buy gears.