Big Data

Start Easy, Start Free!

Treasure Data Service by IDCF allows you to collect and store your corporate big data, and analyzed it easily in a short time. It employs Treasure Data Service, which is a Cloud DMS provided by Treasure Data, Inc. in the US, as well as cloud computing and storage provided by IDC Frontier.

Service Features

Data is the only thing you need to prepare. Treasure Data Service by IDCF is a big data analysis platform which collects, stores, and analyzes data in one stop.

You do not need to invest on expensive facilities, platform development, nor infrastructure operations. You can experience big data analysis with speed incomparable to any existing solutions.
It is a cloud service domestically developed and located in Japan. No secret data mistakenly taken out to other countries with the service.



    No need for an initial investment nor a long term contract. Start using the free and easy service with sample data. You can experience the first data analysis as early as in a couple of weeks after start using the service. After a month of free usage, you can start using a paid service.



    Send data, and you can analyze. No need to develop and manage infrastructure for each of data collection, storage, and analysis.



    SSL encryption is used to send and receive data via the Internet. Optionally available is a closed network connection. Data is stored distributedly in domestic data centers, no need to concern about very secret data accidentally stored in other countries while that is not allowed.



    You can allocate your limited human resources specifically to analysis, instead of to big data infrastructure development or monitoring ever-growing data amount.